Simple, yet comfortable. you have everything you need at here: Bigger beds, outlets, reading lights and clean linens. We mostly provides dormitory style accommodation, but we do have semi-private rooms as well. Easy access to Haneda airport and Shinagawa station. This is the place where you meet people and inspire each others.







Check in from 3pm until midnight


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Feel like local and get inspirations

ARTnSHELTER is Located on Samezu, it is truly local area. Beautiful Japanese cityscape, and traditional shrine is right there. Still easy access to other major touristic places and Haneda airport.



Design Concept


 Since all beds are constructed practically and electrical wiring is not fixed at this moment, they are removable and the floor plan itself is subject to change as time goes by. And this entire space will be defined by the relationship between beds. In a word, each bed will take on its sociability and bear the small community into the space. The client can perform a minor change easily upon request. They can secure traffic (corridor), build infrastructure (individual outlet and lighting), manage entertainment (gallery management), change the range of use (adjust range of the cafeteria space), enact the special word (common kitchen), issue regulations (rule) and place scheme of sign. Those are very similar to urban planning aspects.















Check more detailed idea designed by Szki Architecture

Open Type Dormitory

4 Bed Mix Dormitory

Female Dormitory

Capsule type bunk bed room

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