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Welcome to ARTnSHELTER. ARTnSHELTER is a sensational hip hostel where all the cultural lovers must stay. This is not only a hostel, but also a place to find profound and hidden Japanese culture. We have a nice cafe and bar space, you would find your travel mates or local people who might have interesting tips to enhance your travel experience. Moreover, we sometime organize art exhibitions at our exhibition space, then you will experience fabulous art night that you have never experienced before. You are the most welcome to our place.


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ARTnSHELTER is a conceptual and creative space for everyone who likes “Art”. The aim of this place is to enhance creativity and take a boundary between countries and disciplines. Therefore, we combine exhibition space, fabrication space, cafe/bar and hostel inside the same building. “Artists” have access those facilities to express your idea. By staying this place, you can share ideas, knowledge and skills. Stimulate the area of making things with your creative mates. We are ARTnSHLTER to support you and connect artists all over the world.


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