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Leaf Don’t Leave

By Kohei Kanomata
November 29, 2017
Category: Event

タイトル:Leaf Don’t Leave

サブタイトル:Kouyou and Its Colours

期間:2017年12月1日(金曜日) 〜 2017年12月18日(月曜日) 15:00~23:00



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2017/12/01(Fri) ~ 2017/12/18(Mon) 15:00~23:00

Title: Leaf Don’t Leave

Subtitle: Kouyou and Its Colours

Duration: 2017/12/01(Fri) ~ 2017/12/18(Mon) 15:00~23:00

Admission fee:



Space Robot is a comic book that Nena created when she was a kid. It has two fictional character named ZRa (robot with the star sign) and ZPo (the moon sign), from the planet called ZipZip. Nena decided to developed her childhood creation through illustration series and she found that it was interesting to combining something from the past and she have gotten kind of nostalgic feeling while worked on this. The story start when ZRa & Zpo travelling around with the asteroid and got an accident. They falling to Earth, go on an adventure and found a lot of beautiful things in simple everyday life that human often forget about. The series will develop into several parts and will telling about the adventure of each Robot while they’re separated on Earth before they meet each other again.


“Leaf Don’t Leave” is the 3rd series of Space Robot. The term of “Leaf Don’t Leave” has several meaning as; the autumn itself, the moment in life, and even Nena’s perspective of her own journey. Having an adventure with mostly in Autumn atmosphere on the Earth, Z-Po had all those feeling and emotion within his journey.


The changing of the colour of the leaves referred to “Kouyou” in Japanese. Nena have interested with this word while she’s doing a research about Japanese culture as her artist in residence program. How it’s feels to be in the place that totally new and had a lot differences? Like changing from the green to the red and then brown. She want to take a look how’s people react through her storytelling point of view and feels what “Kouyou” is.



[Artist information]

Nena Nastasiya (1994) was born in Indonesia.

The development of her works is mostly coming after she got opportunities to studies and lives in Europe. Being in the new place that totally different from her hometown, she felt shocked with everything. Especially with the culture, language and the weather. She takes all of that diversity as part of her self and works development process. Her works is an idea of capturing moment while seeing the different atmosphere from where she came from, to the new place and giving a nostalgic feeling from her memories.

Nena loves travel and often brings her small watercolour set in her backpack.


[Space info]

ARTnSHELTER is a creative co-op where cultures meet and creative minds gather. This space is not only a hostel but a place to create, inspire, and experience the lesser known side of Tokyo. Our bar and café is the perfect place to relax, meet fellow travellers and ask us all the questions you may have about Tokyo city and its surrounding areas.  We strive to be a creative hub where international and local artists gather to exchange ideas, develop their talents and showcase their works in our exhibition space.  You can even try your hand at design in our fabrication lab. If you are passionate about art, or would like to explore your creativity, you have found the right place.



Address: 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo, Japan

Phone: +81 3-3765-2288



Representative: Kohei Kanomata

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Pile Up Life

By Kohei Kanomata
November 21, 2017
Category: Event

Title: Pile Up Life

Subtitle: Simple steps with the design patent in your hand

Duration: 2017/11/23(Thu) ~ 2017/11/27(Mon) 15:00~23:00

Admission fee: Free

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2017/11/23(Thu) ~ 2017/11/27(Mon) 15:00~23:00



期間:20171123(木曜日) 20171127(月曜日) 15:00~23:00




20171123(木曜日)から20171127(月曜日)の期間、品川区にあるARTnSHELTERはイギリス、ロンドンのEbury Bridge Arts 創業者/キュレーターであるWaiming Weeとの共同主催によるパイルアップライフ「自分だけの設計図」を開催します。









PileUp Life (Sam Tsai and Lawrence Yen)




イギリス、ロンドンにあるEbury Bridge Artsの創業者/キュレータのWaiming Weeはインタラクティブなアイディアを中心に キュレーターとして活動する一方、インスタレーション作家としても人類学、空間演出の観点から作品作りを行っています。近年彼女の手がけるプロジェクト、Play Revolutionはロンドンとシンガポールでも展示されました。



ARTnSHELTERは東京都品川区にあるカフェ、バー、宿泊施設、展示施設、製作スペースが合わさった総合施設です。私たちは芸術と国際性に重きを置き、 様々な人が集い、刺激しあい、様々な経験を共有することを目標として様々な文化経験を提供しています。 人と人の繋がりは実際にその文化に触れ、考え方を理解し、話すことによってより身近なものとなりえます。芸術は抽象的、また視覚的な表現だけにあらず文化の根源であり、作り手、またはその文脈を知る人を通して理解することにより、より一層深みのある経験となります。ここARTnSHELTERには日々そのような文化の理解に興味がある人が集い、会話を通し今まで知り得ることがなかった知識を得る、創造性が様々な壁を越えて人と人を結ぶ場所です。









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uncomfortable couples

By Kohei Kanomata
November 19, 2017
Category: Event

11月21日から11月22日の二日間に開催されるベンヤミン•ブライトコプフによる写真と映像の展示会は、そのほとんどが彼の未公開作品で、タイトルである不安定な対比をテーマに写真作品を魅せています。また同時に映像小説作品のonce you have no horse, then you do not know the wayも上映されます。

 キャノンが主催する写真新世紀2017年度でグランプリを受賞し、今回の来日を決定した彼はパラレル展としてARTnSHELTERでの展示を決定し急遽企画した今回限りの特別な展示になっています。... Continue reading
2017 11/21 (Tue)- 11/22 (Web) 15:00-23:00

Artist statement:

Benjamin Breitkopf is working as a director of photography in moving and still images. After working as a light technician in theater he became a trained media technician in state television. These days he studies Media Art at the artschool of the ZKM Karlsruhe. A focus of his work in film is questioning the truth of images, news and media in relation to the recipients in time. With photography he formulates szenarios and stages in unafected daily street situations.



静と動を扱う写真監督のベンヤミン•ブライトコプフ は舞台照明技師の経歴を経て国営テレビのメディアテクニシャンとしても活動し近年、カールスルーエ・アート・アンド・メディア・センターでメディアアートを学ぶ。映像または画像における真実性を鑑賞者に問いかける彼の作風は 日常風景にストリー性を入れたものになっている。

Tags: Benjamin Breitkopf ベンヤミン•ブライトコプフ ARTnSHELTER Tokyo Photo Exhibition

The Others Art Fair

By Kohei Kanomata
November 02, 2017
Category: Artist

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Artist Info


Masaharu Futoyu:



1st edition of Shinagawa International Animation Festival

By Kohei Kanomata
October 27, 2017
Category: Event

Shines a bright light on the vital contribution of animation studios outside Japan

第一回品川国際アニメーションフェスティバル - 海外アニメスタジオ提供作品上映会 –


ARTnSHLTER in collaboration with Waiming W... Continue reading

2017 11/9 (Thu)- 11/20 (Mon) 15:00-23:00

[Curator’s Statement:]

Waiming Wee, founder/curator of Ebury Bridge Arts lives and works in London, UK. She is a producer for interactive works, who has produced both commercial and artistic works for Nissan, ASICS, Sony VAIO, Samsung, HD DVD, Hayward Gallery, Lisbon Architecture Triennale and STRP Festival Eindhoven. As well as an installation artist, her works focus on spatial culture and anthropology that interacts with the audience.  She has exhibited her “Play Revolution” series in London and book maze (deconstructive version) in SIngapore.



イギリス、ロンドンにあるEbury Bridge Artsの創業者/キュレータのWaiming Weeはインタラクティブなアイディアを中心に日産、 アシックス、 Sony VAIO Samsung HD DVD Hayward Gallery Lisbon Architecture Triennale and STRP Festival Eindhovenなど数多くの企業と提携しキュレーターとして活動する一方、インスタレーション作家としても人類学、空間演出の観点から作品作りを行っています。近年彼女の手がけるプロジェクト、Play Revolutionはロンドンとシンガポールでも展示されました。




Pilsner Urquell – Book of Legends

Director: Chris Randall | Second Home Studios


The Mechanical Music Marvel

Director: Chris Randall | Second Home Studios


The Wizard of Oz – onstage visuals

Director: Chris Randall | Second Home Studios


The Story of an Idea

Director: FX Goby | Nexus Studio


Honda - Hands

Director: Smith & Foulkes | Nexus Studios


Tripl Stitched - Proper

Director: Jack Cunningham | Nexus Studios


Chipotle - Back to the Start

Director: Johnny Kelly | Nexus Studios


Wednesday with Goddard

Director: Nicolas Ménard | Nexus Studios


This Way Up

Director: Smith & Foulkes | Nexus Studios


Coca-Cola is Happiness

Director: Johnny Kelly | Nexus Studios


Nokia Xmas Wunderman

Director: Kettle Studios & Wunderman


Got Milk

Director: Kettle Studios & Alex Jenkins (unit9)


HD DVD Simulator

Director: Kettle Studios & Takayoshi Kishimoto (unit9)



Director: Kettle Studios


Love – Reka Bucsi


Simpsons 600th Episode



Title / タイトル:

1st edition of Shinagawa International Animation Festival



Place / 場所:

ARTnSHELTER 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo, Japan

東京都品川区東大井 1-19-10 ARTnSHELTER


Admission / 入場料:

Free 無料


Tel / 電話番号:



E-mail / メール:



Representative / 代表:

Kohei Kanomata 鹿又亘平

Tags: Film Festival ARTnSHELTER Waiming Tokyo Art Screening Animation Shortfilms


By Kohei Kanomata
October 23, 2017
Category: Event

TIME: 20:00 -23:00

DATE: 29.10.17





Admission free

From Washington D.C to Japan, 

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2017 10/28 (Sunt) 20:00~23:00

ドキュメンタリー映画『Graphic Means』上映会

By Kohei Kanomata
October 19, 2017
Category: Event



グラフィック・デザイン業界にDTPが革命を起こしてから約30年が経ちました。しかし、その何十年も前には、細心の注意を払って人の手によって作成された版下が印刷所に入稿され、その版下通りに紙面を完成させる様々な機械や道具があったことを忘れ... Continue reading

2017 10/28 (Sat) 18:00~


It’s been roughly 30 years since the desktop computer revolutionized the way the graphic design industry works. For decades before that, it was the hands of industrious workers, and various ingenious machines and tools that brought type and image together on meticulously prepared paste-up boards, before they were sent to the printer. Graphic Means, explores graphic design production of the 1950s through the 1990s—from linecaster to photocomposition, and from paste-up to PDF. 


We’ll have Professor Nagahara from Tama Art University to give us a 30-min. talk about how the graphic design world, especially printing, would be in the future. 


 October 28, Saturday 18:00 open a venue 18:30 starts 20:10 talk and Q&A 20:40 ends

 [TICKET] Please purchase your ticket in advance at

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Censored kawaii: - eros is lovely -

By Kohei Kanomata
October 19, 2017
Category: Event

Eros is often censored in otaku material. But can this two-dimensional kawaii culture's SOFT POWER actually be a subject of love for all? Let us now destroy hate with a love revolution.

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2017 10/16 (Sat)- 10/27 (sun) 15:00-23:00

Artist Statement:





たHAPPY ARTを強くコンセプトにしており、見てる人が力を抜いて楽しめるような作品を目


TOM●KA is an otaku-artist playing with the border between Japanese "kawaii" subculture and high

art.  Her 2.5-dimension, traditional "wa" aesthetic-infused pop art consists of carefully decoration on

original digital illustration. The viewer can't help but react with a giggle when experiencing the

worldscape she directs. By building onto the canvas with found-objects, she captures the world of

otaku culture itself. Meanwhile, Soft Power fuels her HAPPY ART, which aims to release the tension of

her viewers. Just relax and enjoy☻

Tags: Tomoka Art Kawaii

Tree Ceremony - A ritual for the Autumn -

By Kohei Kanomata
September 28, 2017
Category: Event

The shifting colours of withering leaves tell us that Autumn has arrived. At the same time, the inner centre of the tree is filled with sap bestowing a sacredness to its life force. In the eternal cycle of nature, Autumn stands for both abundance, death and decay. It is a time when... Continue reading

Workshop on 2017 10/12 (Thursday)

Artist’s name  Vilma Luostarinen


Social media:

Vilma Luostarinen is a Swedish researcher and experience designer based in London. She is interested in food, senses, materiality and human-nature relationships. Before studying at Central Saint Martins, Vilma co-founded an experiential studio for curation in Sweden, where she developed a number of multidisciplinary and immersive projects. She is currently dividing her time between self-initiated projects and freelance work, most recently for Bompas & Parr. She has received a research grant to travel to Japan in September-October 2017 to study local food and hospitality culture.


Artist’s name  Maya Merhi


Maya Merhi is a visual designer and a human geographer based in Beirut. She is driven by an inherent curiosity about the richness of situational experiences, and approaches projects with an emphasis on visual and material experimentation to create poetic experiences, showing particular interest in the relationship between people and places. Currently working on independent projects in the MENA region, specifically in Beirut and Dubai. Her most recent works have been featured and exhibited in: Mois de la Francophonie ‘17 by Institut Français Du Liban - highlighting entrepreneurs and startups

in the region.


Artist’s name  Mamiko Yamazaki


Social media:

Mamiko Yamazaki is an enthusiastic and curious cross- media communication designer from Japan with special interests in visual communication, cultural contexts, and social engagement. Since graduating from Tama Art University, Japan, in 2005, she has worked as a Graphic Design Director and a Marketing Strategist in both Japan and the UK. Her skill sets are applicable to both cultural and commercial projects, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams.



場所: 東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 ARTnSHELTER

電話番号: 03-3765-2288



Tags: Art Vilma Luostarinen Maya Merhi Mamiko Yamazaki Tokyo workshop
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Japanese subculture meets underground and contemporary art scene

By Kohei Kanomata
September 22, 2017
Category: Art

TOM●KA is an otaku-artist playing with the border between Japanese "kawaii" subculture and high art. Her 2.5-dimension, traditional "wa" aesthetic-infused pop art consists of carefully decoration on original digital illustration. The viewer can't help but react... Continue reading

TOM●KA: a Japanese subculture artist



Fine Arts (BFA) May 2017


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy March 2012

Department of Humanities and Social Science





Parsons BFA Fine Arts Thesis Show /May @ Parsons 25 East 13th street

Kawaii Gaze (Solo show) /March @Ouchi Gallery

Parsons BFA Fine Arts Open Studio /March @ Parsons 25 East 13th street

HOME The 11th 100 Artists Exhibition /February @Ouchi Gallery



Parsons BFA Fine Arts Open Studio /November @Parsons 25 East 13th street

The Day After Tomorrow /April @Parsons 25 East 13th street

5 x 7 /March @Parsons 25 East 13th street



WOT FOR /December @Parsons 25 East 13th street



Tags: Art TOM●KA subculture Artist Tokyo
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ARTnSHELTER 海外アートフェアレポート#1

By Kohei Kanomata
September 16, 2017
Category: Art

106,500,000米ドル、もはやゼロが多すぎて理解が難しいがこれは2010年にクリスティーズオークションハウスによって売られたパブロ・ピカソによって描かれた『ヌード、観葉植物と胸像』という作品である。その値段は日本円にして100億円以上である。芸術作品を売る場というのは上記に挙げたようなオークションだけにとどまらずギャラリーに所蔵しての実店舗販売、オンラインギャラリーによるネット通販のようなものから、実際に作家のアトリエに訪れて直接作品を購入するなど多岐に渡る。今回はその中でも最も多くの人、作品、そして金額が動く場、アートフェアについて東京を拠点と... Continue reading

“The Others” a parallel exhibition of Artissima in Torino Italy.



基本的にArt Baselほどの大規模なアートフェアになると大きな会場の中にギャラリーごとの 出展ブースがあり、一個人の作家が展示、販売をしていることは殆ど無い。ここで言うギャラリーとは作品の販売仲介業者である。有名なギャラリーになるとお抱えの作品は名だたるものばかりで、それこそ最初に挙げたような何億、何十億といった価格帯の作品を扱っている。もしアートフェアに出展したいのであれば、まずは自分の作品を権限のあるギャラリーで扱ってもらうのが一番効率の良い方法になる。権限のあるギャラリーというのも、良い作家を、良い価格で、良い場所に売ることのできるギャラリーでなければ、大きなフェアに出展するチャンスが無いからである。そもそも大きなフェアはギャラリーとしての出店料におおよそ300万円かかる、一つのブースと言っても大小あるが、40平米位が平均的なサイズである。その中でどのように作品を並べるかは色々あるにせよ、精々飾れて10作品ぐらいであろう。展示場がどこであれ輸送費はかかってくるが、またその展示会が国外であれば輸送費は馬鹿になら無い。高価な美術品となれば特別な輸送業者を使って普通の10倍もの料金を払いさらに保険にもかける。その他会場の人件費やら広告費やら、、、。大金を払って作品を売るのだから、ギャラリーも本当に売れる、もしくは売りたいと思う作品だけを扱う事になる。




では結局アートの世界は ごく少数の権限者によって回されている排他的な環境なのだろうか?




ARTnSHELTERは今年Art Baselの展示期間中に別の小規模展であるCamp Baselに参加してきた。本展のArt Baselが行なわれている期間中という事もあり街全体でアートフェアと捉えられる事が多く、そういった場に参加できた事を非常に嬉しく思う。またそこで出会った人々は確実な資産となり、次のステップへとつながっている。




主体となるギャラリーの会場費は2000ユーロ、出展料は作家一人につき400ユーロでもちろんその上に輸送費、渡航費、宿泊費諸々のしかかってくる。概算で出すと日本から作家を持って行き展示を行うと3050万円は最低でもかかってくる。そして売れた作品は50パーセントが向こうのギャラリーの取り分となるわけだからこちらとしては最低でも一作品1500~2000ユーロで売りたい。しかし、同じ会場の他のギャラリーから比較して、自分だけべらぼうに価格を上げるわけにはいかない。1000ユーロを超えると売れないからやめてほしいとも言われた。ただ、これが中規模アートフェアの面白いところ、自分を開催前からしっかり売り込む事が出来れば、ただの居候から共同主催者に立ち位置が上がる。結果出展料は作家数に関係なく400ユーロ、向こうの取り分を30パーセントまで抑える事ができた。その代わり、現地ではしっかり働かなければならない。当然である。 共同主催者という事で、会場のコンセプトから告知活動、アーテイストのマネージメントまで一緒に行う事になる。しかし、これも大きなチャンス。今度は少しずつ自分の色を入れる事ができる。そうすると、その展示を見に来た人からまた自分の頑張り次第で次のステップを与えられる。つまり、もう少し大きな金額での勝負ができる場に行ける。そのような小さなステップの積み重ねが最初に掲げた馬鹿高い金額のカラクリでもある。




来年度はマドリードのARCO、リオンのMirage Festival、香港アートバゼルと大きな競争に揉まれながら当人は輸送費を浮かせる為に「なるべくスーツケースに入る大きさでお願いします。」と、作家にお願いしながら世界を回るのである。


Art Basel:



The Others:


Hybrid Art Fair:

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MUTANTS by wimp

By Kohei Kanomata
September 07, 2017
Category: Event

Symbols, Elements, Heredity, Transform and Deprivation


On View 2017 9/23 (Sat)- 10/8 (sun) 15:00-23:00

Admission free


Related events:

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2017 9/23 (Sat)- 10/8 (sun) 15:00-23:00










Artist Statement:


Born in 1992.

Graduated from Information Design Course, Department of Information Design, Tama Art University. 

currently underway of M.A in Inter Media Art course in Tokyo University of the Arts.

16th “1_WALL” Graphics finalist(2017/guardian garden/Tokyo) 

Creates images using the existence and representation methods of characters.



場所: 東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 ARTnSHELTER

電話番号: 03-3765-2288



Tags: Art Wimp ARTnSHELTER Exhibition

Dai Murata Photo exhibition '' Pura Vida''

By Kohei Kanomata
September 03, 2017
Category: Art

Dai Murata Photo exhibition '' Pura Vida''
I traveled South America for 1 year to take pictures as a backpacker.
I stayed in Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, N... Continue reading

2017 9/16 (Sat)- 9/24 (sun) 13:00-20:00 at Gallery 201

Information about Gallery 201

Address: 140-0001 東京都品川区北品川6-2-10 Gallery 201

Tel: 03-3473-5222

2017 9/16 (Sat)- 9/24 (sun) 13:00-20:00 at Gallery 201



By Kohei Kanomata
August 30, 2017
Category: Product

A pair of shoes, designed by Masahara Futoyu, manufactured by German Suplex Airlines

German Suplex Airlines is a collaboration project of original brand of the shoe maker "TO PARLEY" and artist unit "GERMAN SUPLEX AIRLINES".

Price ¥17,280 ~

Size: From 20.5cm ~<... Continue reading

New product available at ARTnSHELTER and online store.
Tags: Shoes Artist collaboration

Kukai, Satoshi Hoshi, and Masaharu Futoyu; Dougyou-san-nin

By Kohei Kanomata
August 29, 2017
Category: Event


On View 2017 9/1 (fri)- 9/17 (sun) 15:00-23:00

Admission free


Related events:

The painter Hoshi performs live painting during August 14th  to Septe... Continue reading

2017 9/1 (fri)- 9/17 (sun) 15:00-23:00

     We are pleased to announce that we are having a show “Dogyo-san-nin” by Satoshi Hoshi and Masaharu Futoyu.

     They are showing each works based on their pilgrimage journey in Shikoku. Sometimes they interact each other both in a good or bad way, and that evokes their work richer. Hoshi is a Berlin based painting artist, and Futoyu is a Japan based *****

What do you think the common question over the journey of pilgrimage that the two artists with two different approaches reached? Please experience the journey they have had, and feel the question through this exhibition.


Satoshi Hoshi

is a Berlin based painter whose work is made

Solo show:

Group show:
Self-curated show:


Masaharu Futoyu



Donation requests

We are asking donation for this exhibition until August 31st.

Artists Hoshi and Futoyu provide a reward for backers.

Please check the link below.


We much appreciate your support!


Soften ceramics

By Kohei Kanomata
August 24, 2017
Category: Product

Nozomi Nishino is a Japanese ceramic artist. She makes ceramics that has a smoothness of clay before it’s firing. the results are fabulously silky, and it reminds us organic objects from the ocean.






現在 岐阜県にて作陶

... Continue reading
A Japanese pottery, who had an inspiration from organic shapes.
Tags: Artist Product

Futa Kera's Media Art

By Kohei Kanomata
August 24, 2017
Category: Artist
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Media art which is shaped by letters
Tags: Artist

CampBasel 2017

By Kohei Kanomata
June 23, 2017
Category: Art

ARTnSHELTER was invited to the biggest art fair in Basel, Switzerland, called Art Basel.

Kohei Kanomata and Futa Kera were exhibiting their media art at CampBasel.

Our task is to make connections between creators and to collaborate with other galleries.

We had also a panel talk... Continue reading

Report from Art Basel 2017
Tags: Exhibition Report


By Kohei Kanomata
April 08, 2017
Category: Event

I was inspired by the mysterious forms of organs and cells. The unsettling shapes are rational. It invokes that there might be another world inside t... Continue reading

Yoshitaka Iwamoto Solo Exhibition from  8th April - 17th April

岩本 吉隆


Yoshitaka Iwamoto graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2007 and completed his MA degree at the University of Tsukuba in 2009, majoring in sculpture. He also completed MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London sponsored by Rotary Club. During the MA, he won the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship. He participated in the residency program in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea in 2012.

He has worked with glass and acrylic materials and is currently living and working in Tokushima, Japan. 

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Art Market at ARTnSHELTER

By Kohei Kanomata
March 27, 2017
Category: Event

The first Art Market at ARTnSHELTER is held from 27th of Feb to 6th of Mar, under the concept of 'West meets East'. ARTnSHELTER is a perfect place to have an international art market, because it has a hostel, cafe, and gallery space. One drink tickets are required to enter the gallery. We are the... Continue reading

West meets East, 1st Art Market at ARTnSHELTER is held from 27th of Feb.


Address: 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo Japan

Date: 27th Feb - 6th Mar

Opening Hours: 3pm to 11: 30pm

One drink ticket: 650 JPY

Tags: Artfair Exhibition

ARTnSHELTER 1-19-10 Higashioi Shinagawa Tokyo Japan

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